Why us

What makes us the obvious choice as Induction Furnace Consultants, apart from our evident knowledge, expertise and sheer devotion to our work, is the fact that our services and solutions go beyond being a mere means to an end. We believe that any consultancy will be effective only when it perfectly complements existing business strategies, practices, structures and vision of our customers. Each assignment is unique in its requirement and our approach subsequently differs.



  • Team of dedicated professionals bringing extensive cross-functional experience from both the technology and finance arenas. Collectively, SCSPL possesses significant sales, negotiation, and transactional expertise.
  • Our professionals have the ability to resolve both people and business issues.
  • Our team members are all highly qualified professionals with a proven track record in building successful companies.
  • SCSPL has developed long-term relationships with Industry insiders. These relationships provide both continual sources of valuable information, and varied perspectives on the market.
  • Our Team is committed to both client and market responsiveness. Resultantly, we work with a select group of clients providing each client personal attention, at the CEO level.
  • We have developed a network of Alliance Partners with similar styles and values as SCSPL. Our strategic alliances provide a wide array of operational expertise from several Technology, HR (Talent Access), Training, Legal and Financial experts.


For over 20 years, we have been trusted by big companies below