Our Approach

Shiva Consultancy Services (P) Ltd. approach is a specialist management consultancy providing independent, exclusive and proprietary advice to the world's leading metals and mining companies, financial institutions and governments.

Coupled with the market knowledge and expertise of our analysis division, Shiva Consultancy Services (p) Ltd Strategies offers authoritative consultancy on the following areas: energy costs, ferro and alloys, stainless steel & steel.

Shiva Consultancy Services (P) Ltd. has successfully used a cyclical process to structure complex design and planning processes. A dynamic interaction is achieved by the cycling of the Information Evaluation and Design activities throughout the entire process. The design becomes a planning tool to elicit response from within and beyond the professional team, exposing challenges and opportunities and defining information requirements.

An important principle which Shiva Consultancy Services (P) Ltd. emphasizes, in both architectural and planning projects, is the explicit delineation of the project infrastructure and public amenities, which are then designed as high quality spaces. In our experience, the design and planning approach has proved very successful in dealing with complex buildings and planning problems. The result is designs and plans that satisfy client requirements not only at the time of conception, but also long after the execution of the projects.


For over 20 years, we have been trusted by big companies below