Infrastructure Services

Infrastructure is the backbone of economic progress. Shiva Consultancy creates the engineering solutions that deliver cost-effective and sustainable answers to challenges posed to these industries.

The importance of infrastructure for sustained economic development and improving the living standards of the population is well recognized. Yet, millions of people, across the world lack access to roads, transport, electricity, safe drinking water, and proper sanitation and communication facilities. Inadequate and inefficient infrastructure not only adds to transaction costs but also prevents the economies from realizing their full growth potential.

With Indian economy moving on to a high growth trajectory facilitated by a consistent and steady growth of 8 - 9% in the recent years, there is a critical need to accelerate investments in the infrastructure sector. In fact, infrastructure has emerged as a key driver for sustaining the robust growth of the economy and the government has been focusing on development of infrastructure. The importance of infrastructure for rapid development cannot be overstated. The most glaring deficit in India is the infrastructure deficit. Investment in infrastructure will continue to be funded through the Budget. However, there are many infrastructure projects that are financially viable but, in the current situation, face difficulties in raising resources.

The Infrastructure Independent Company undertakes construction of heavy civil projects meeting international standards of quality. EPC services are offered for transportation infrastructure projects like roads, runways, and bridges etc.

Projects in the fields of sports, education and business infrastructure have been designed and constructed keeping in mind the end users, the people who will live and work in them every day. Our structures are design-centric, with a strong engineering base.

To cater to the ever growing power consumption, rapid industrialization and huge energy deficit, the Government of India had planned to make large capital expenditure in the 11th Five Year Plan in the Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution segments and set a target of adding about 78000 MW of additional capacity. This will enable your company to cater to the ever growing demand of power transmission and distribution.



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